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Our team is comprised solely of volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to moving forward the mission and goals of the Foundation.

Most of us have event management backgrounds, and thus we put them to the task! We plan our own events, and also assist other organizations when they need planning or "boots on the ground". 


We also attend a variety of events throughout our communities to spread awareness.  

One of the ways we run our larger events is that we partner with a variety of different Community Groups, such as Scouts, High School Students, etc. We give Community Hours and letters of reference when needed. We love to work with our community, as together we are stronger, and the more the merrier!

Our Flagship Event is called the Superhero Academy, which takes place in the Fall. To see more information on this event, please visit the Superhero Academy Page.



For a calendar of upcoming events we will be attending, please visit our Upcoming Events Page.

We look forward to sharing with you. We refer to ourselves as FUN-raisers, so that the charities we assist can do the DIFFICULT work with our Heroes in need. 

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